STUDIO SHIFT 2021 was designed to create your winning strategy, find the hidden money in your studio, and unpack the most profitable revenue streams.



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Join Erin and 8 other Industry Leaders online for

STUDIO SHIFT 2021 and get 3 full action-packed days designedto take you from "confused and stuck"

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Studio Shift 2021 is where we will deep dive into your business and identify your studio's sparkle factor, create your winning strategy, find the hidden money in your business, and unpack the most profitable revenue streams.





  • IT IS A LIVE, SENSORY, INTERACTIVE, BINGE-WORTHY EXPERIENCE, filed with value, impact, surprises, and ah-ha moments people will be talking about for years.


  • It is designed to inspire you to grow your business and reveal how much is possible if you REFUSE to allow the world's conditions dictate your success. 


  • It focuses on real, dependable strategies that will make your business set up to weather any storm.

Erin Burd. Author. Speaker.

Women’s Empowerment Business Coach.

Meet Your Host...

The Founder, Erin Burd, is a Women’s Empowerment and Business Coach, Author and Speaker. She started Birdy’s Kids In Motion and Dance Biz in a Bag on a budget of only $300.00 and built a six-figure business in just two years. Erin is passionate about paying it forward and created the $100K Studio Dance Blueprint and the Mobile Studio Mastermind and has coached multiple women entrepreneurs to launch their business on a small budget and how to take their business to six-figures.  


Erin has recently expanded her company brand and now offers the Passion and Profitability Membership Academy. She works directly with service-based women entrepreneurs who are ready to empower themselves and take action. Being a mother herself, she also helps her Academy Members find work/life balance.  


Erin Burd is the author of Passion and Profit Project: You Can Have It All! She wrote this book to double as a guide and shares her signature inner game tools, strategies, and tips on how you can find your why and your passion and profit mindset. Erin is also a well-known speaker who shares with audiences across the nation how they Can Have It All!  










Meet Your Speakers

Adam Boreland

Adam Boreland has been a part of the professional ballet world for over 10 years. Adam has danced with companies such as American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet, Orlando Ballet and Texas Ballet Theater.


He has been blessed with dancing principal roles in ballets such as Swan Lake, Lambarena, Vampire’s Ball, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, Moulin Rouge Ballet, and Peter Pan.


Adam is proud to be the Creator and Founder of Dance Accepts Everyone Facebook Group – a safe, non-judgmental place for all dancers seeking to connect, inspire and love through dance.

Why Should Dance Accept Everyone? How to foster inclusivity in your studio culture.

In this session, Adam will walk you through the "WHY" behind fostering a studio culture of inclusivity is the key to success, how to develop a community that shares your vision of comradery vs competition, and tips and strategies to use and support students who are being bullied by their peers.

Jennifer Randall

Hello! I'm Jennifer Randall and I have been around dance studios my entire life. I started my dance studio with 60 students and I grew my studio to just over 550 and a staff of 12 over 15 years.


I quickly learned that I actually enjoyed the marketing side of the studio. I have always enjoyed learning new marketing skills and seeing how I can use them for dance studios. After 15 years, I sold the studio to focus on raising my children. 


I realized that I had a passion for helping other studio owners with their marketing and getting the most for their money so I moved into social media marketing for dance studios.


I am the founder of Attract & Enroll, a membership that grew from my passion to help studio owners increase enrollment, engagement and communication through proven social media marketing strategies.


I spent 15-years building a dance studio of my own, and now with my knowledge and love for the “social media stuff" I can help studio owners get parents and students off of the "social media scroll" and through the doors. 


Create A Successful Ad From A to Z

We are going to remove the frustration of ads manager and walkthrough in a step-by-step format of where to start when creating an ad and dive into how to use your pixel, create audiences and check your stats so you actually know if your ad is working or not.


Tricia Gomez

You may know Tricia Gomez as the creator of Hip Hop In a Box, but she’s also blazing a path of opportunity for studios & teachers who wish to serve a wider population of students with disabilities (through her Rhythm Works Integrative Dance certification) and babies as young as 3 months (as the exclusive provider of the Intellidance® teacher certification).


Tricia’s unwavering dedication to education and her unique teaching methods have landed her on the Dr. Phil show, the TV show Dance Revolution as the lead judge, and as a Teaching Artist consultant for Disney Performing Arts.


Tricia is excited to launch the Teaching Artist Exchange, a global marketplace for dance teachers to share and sell their products, lesson plans, tutorial videos, webinars, trainings and so much more! It’s a 1-stop-shop for everything you need to successfully run a dance studio and teach all genres of dance!


Side Hustle - Using Your Unique Genius To Bring In Residual Income

Ever though to yourself, "I should package up this info and sell it to others?" Now, more than ever, teachers are looking for inspiration, road maps, lesson plans, teaching tools, tips and more to meet the ever-changing landscape of the dance education industry. During this session, we will look at what it takes to turn your brilliant ideas into income-generating assets you can sell to a global market while you sleep!


Ella Glasgow

Ella Glasgow is an award-winning vocalist, 2 time best selling author, mommy to a precocious 6-year-old, and the CEO/Producer at Beyond Virtual Events. Meeting planners hire her to create impactful virtual events so they can wow their community, increase connections and commitment to their cause without pulling their hair out trying to deal with the logistics and delivery of their events. She does this using her Signature E.N.C.O.R.E. Method™️ for transformational virtual experiences that have their audiences wanting to pay cash money to attend again and again.


How To Put The Disney Effect In Your Studio

Learn how you can create immersive and engaging experiences for your studio families so you can create raving fans that never want to leave.

Joie Gharrity

Joie Gharrity Founder of 113 Branding is a Brand Director, Author, and International Speaker. She worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for 15+ years at top companies, in film, television, original web content, and branded entertainment. She was hand-picked by the ABC Studio President to launch the first multi-media startup business for The Walt Disney Company.


After returning to the Bay Area, Joie was inspired to launch 113 Branding. She works with entrepreneurs, businesses and creative types to leverage their expertise, gifts and talents. She integrates her strategic branding and marketing vision with both the creative and business sides of the entertainment industry through her unique, tested and proven system the 113 Branding Superstar Visibility & Influence System. Her system includes digital branding and marketing strategies, tools, techniques and tips that increase their brand visibility and influence that elevates her clients to superstar status in the marketplace.


It Is Your Birthright To Be Your Own Superstar

Joie Gharrity, a brand Director, Marketer and Author began her career in Hollywood. Joie shares stories that highlight the skills and strategies she learned while working alongside Hollywood Stars and on blockbuster movies. Joie implemented what she learned which helped her business and influence shine when she launched her own Digital Branding Company, 113 Branding. The audience will feel Red Carpet worthy after Joie shares what they have in common with superstars like Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey and Katy Perry. She also exposes three Superstar Secrets that will help anyone to shine:


*The truth about what keeps entrepreneurs playing small.


*How to uplevel your influence and earning potential


*Setting intentions that support your capacity for success.

Dr. Serena Goldstein, ND

Dr. Serena Goldstein is Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in intuitively guided weight loss, and hormone balance, where she helps people trust what their body is saying so they can grow their inner knowing not just around health, but around their life path.


Dr. Serena brings her 5 years of Naturopathic school (natural and conventional medicine), decade plus studies in psychology, and both personal and academic studies in spirituality and ancient medicine to gracefully infuse that bridge between science and spirituality to create individual plans for people so they can feel good, calm, and remain motivated throughout this journey. Dr. Serena has shared her expertise on outlets such as MindBodyGreen, Forbes,, and Well + Good, appeared on numerous podcasts and radio shows, and both spoken and presented research posters at multiple professional conferences.


Discover What Your Body Is Asking For Beyond 'Just A Symptom'

For those great ideas, mental clarity, energy to get everything done, we need our health to be working for us. Further, it also makes life easier when we truly enjoy our routine and what we're up to! Join Dr. Serena as you will learn top tips and strategies to create the long-term health plan that you truly enjoy focused around lifestyle, nutrition and natural remedies, as well as commonly missed signs from when our body may want to chime in. In addition, she will also share thought provoking questions and strategies that will help both develop and trust your own intuition and mindset capabilities.


Paula Allen

Hi, I’m Paula. I am a 15+ year online entrepreneur. My experience includes a transcription company that grew to six figures in 16 months, a travel agency, a Virtual Assistant business, and an Online Business Manager. I am a Mentor and Strategist to Virtual Assistants and Entrepreneurs.


My years of varied experience have taught me two things: Entrepreneurs need to get out of the day-to-day running of their business, but often find partnering with good help is a challenge; and Virtual Assistants are out there looking for work and need support and mentoring by someone who has “been there, done that” and can teach them how to fill their schedule and their pocketbooks. Entrepreneurs and Virtual Assistants are the perfect match when they know the ropes and I work with both to build great relationships.


Organized Chaos - The Business Owner's Journey

Whether working with preschoolers (my former life) or Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, I've found everyone is looking to get to a state of "organized chaos." As much as we want life to be consistent and even, we know this is not the case. In this workshop we will talk about automations and systems that will help you get to a place of ease and flow in your business. We will discuss some processes that are necessary to move you to the next level. You will receive templates and there will be time for questions.

Lori Ciaccio

Lori Ciaccio is a Speaker, Author, and Certified John Maxwell Trainer with a diverse business background ranging from corporate pharmaceuticals to small business owner and everything in between. Lori loves taking her years of experience as a business owner and her years in corporate America and helping women build a business and life of their dreams!


 You Were Made to Lead

You have spent the past year leading during a crisis. Now it's time to lead through business breakthrough and scale to new heights. Lori will share the five things you can do right now to open new horizons in your studio and your life.

 I think my biggest ah-ha moment in this whole entire event was that I could take my dance and my other passion [of health and fitness] and mesh them into one to create multiple revenue streams and feed my soul at the same time. This probably saved my business.

~ Eboni Payne

I loved it! It really excited my expectations and I felt I really got my money's worth. I really enjoyed the break out sessions and interactive sessions.

~ Roxanne

If anyone gets the opportunity to be part of Studio Shift won't be disappointed. You will come out refreshed, motivated and ready to go with a plan to succeed! Nothing else compared to this amazing event.

~ Michelle

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